About the Creator

Nike Famojuro is the founder of Momleader, a TEDx
Speaker, a certified John Maxwell Coach and DiSC
Behavioural Analysis Trainer. She is an author and a
productivity coach to hundreds of moms all over the
world. Her platform has helped moms discover how to
get rid of overwhelm, mom guilt and manage their
time without the sacrifice.

She believes in practical time management and she's
convinced that moms can achieve their goals. Working
with Nike, moms are provided with ‘why didn’t I think
of that’ ideas and simple step by step resources that
fuels moms to manage their time, keep them
motivated, and follow through with their dreams.

Her YouTube channel is a lifeline of inspiration and
provides tools to moms around the world.

She is a wife, mom, a trained lawyer, with a Masters
Certificate in Neuroscience & Psychology and a 14 year
background in corporate training (on Time
Management, Sales & Goal setting), project
management and business analysis.

She loves cuddling up with a good movie with her
husband, having tea parties with her girls, sharing
moments with loved ones and all things ice cream!